Danisco, the Denmark based company develops and produces functional ingredients primarily for the food and beverage industry and to some extent for the non- food industry too.
It employs around 12000 people of high class techno commercial background within the groups developing, manufacturing, marketing and innovating centres in 45 countries, With an annual sales exceeding 3500 crores in Indian Rupees.
Danisco foresees and understands the complex needs and high demands of the market and customers, and meets them with long term technological innovations by bringing together the right ingredients and application technology. Being the knowledge leader in this line, provides knowledge based solutions targeting the food manufacturers with the right answers to their most sophisticated complex demands.
Produced mainly from natural raw materials, mostly cultivated in Danisco's forms, the bread product range is backed by top technical services, creating innovative high quality solutions. Danisco's bread technology platform makes it one of the world's leading producers of food ingredients manufacturers.
Vast assortment of top range products offered by Danisco includes
- Antimicrobials
- Antioxidants
- Emulsifiers
- Enzymes
- Flavours
- Functional systems
- Speciality Fats
- Speciality sweeteners
- Starter cultures and media
Danisco has all the necessary capabilities to bring an entire range of food ingredients to the food market. Formulations are tailor made to suit the needs of each application, whether for Bakery, or Dairy products or Confectionery, Cereals, Beverages or Dietary supplements or Pharmaceutical.
Danisco combines ingredients that have documented health benefits with the appropriate stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavours. Complete solutions are available for
- Calorie Reduction
- Healthy Nutrition
- Fat Reduction
- Enhanced Safety
- Fibre Enrichment
- Reduced Glycalmic Impact
- Improved Oral Health
- Improved Gastrointestinal Function
- Enhanced Immune Function
Danisco has wide variety of flavours and is in continuous development of newer flavours for all industrial segments in food. They are in liquid and encapsulated solid form.
In the years ahead, we can expect to see the rise of many previously unimaginable opportunities to manufacture food and beverage products with precisely tailored functionalities. Today, Danisco has a bank of valuable ideas for appealing to sensory qualities, cost effective, processing and attractive packaging. In all efforts, Danisco's goal is to help the food industry to stay ahead, adding value to knowledge.
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