Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

Having set up India's largest plant for producing Iso Propyl Alcohol with an installed capacity of 70,000 MTPA, DFPCL manufactures IPA through an extremely efficient and environment friendly, direct hydration process, producing a colourless product of high purity, with no undesirable odour or by-product formation. The product meets international quality standards for use in pharmaceuticals, coatings and inks, specialty chemicals and cosmetics. For critical applications in the pharma sector, DFPCL offers IPA conforming to stringent standards such as USP, PhEuro and IP to name a few.
DFPCL has a fully automated drumming facility for catering to small consumers and for meeting the increasing demand from neighbouring countries for exports. Our product has been well accepted in various markets such as USA, EU, AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST and FAR EAST. DFPCL also offers GMP Grade IPA which is Benzene free which meets the monographs of all the international pharmacopoeias.
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