Specialty Chemicals - Parabromo Anisole (Solaris OB-120)
Description parabromo anisole

Solaris OB - 120 is a colourless, clear liquid to slightly yellow liquid.

Synonym: 4-Bromoanisole, 4-Bromo-1-methoxybenzene

Molecular Weight: 187.04  

Colour & Appearance    ---- clear, colourless to pale 
                                       yellow coloured clear liquid
Boiling Point                ---- 223°C
Melting Point               ---- 9-10°C
Density (25°C)            ---- 1.494 g/cm3 
Assay (by GC)             ---- 99 area% (min.)
Moisture (by KF)          ---- 0.5 wt% max.

These properties are typical but do not constitute a specification either in part or as a whole. Specification data is available on request.

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
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